Friday, June 25, 2010

Mach3di...a new machinima site!

If you haven't seen it announced on various forums, tweets, and facebook accounts, there is a new machinima site called Mach3di. Here is how they describe themselves:

We are a machinima rating and review site similar to the old Sims99 web site. You link to your machinima movie and receive honest straightforward reviews.

You do not upload movies, but rather link to where the movie exists, either by providing a direct link to a file or to the movie on another uploading site, such as Vimeo, Koinup, or Youtube.

Other members will be able to rate and review your movies, and unlike Sims99 you can comment back on the reviews. You can also rate your reviews (much like Youtube) with a thumbs-up or down if you found them helpful or annoying. If you don't want people to rate and review, you can choose to have none of those options, or either option, when you submit a movie.

Profiles contain an interesting feature. You can put in your Twitter name and your latest tweets will appear on your profile page. There is also a link for people to follow you as well.

Just about everything on the site can be subscribed to as an RSS feed.

And...there is a forum.

Unlike 99, there are areas for other specific machinima platforms, such as Moviestorm and SecondLife. An iClone section may come soon, but in the meantime there is an "other" area to catch anything not specified.

The site is in beta, so expect some bugs to be ironed out. And the community is new, but growing. If this site ends up like 99 was, this will be the best place to showcase machinima.

What the site needs now is directors and fans who are willing to show/watch movies there and help the community grow. Are you such a person?

Check the site out and see what you think.

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