Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fixes and other words, Houston, we have a go!

A lot of things happened at once that conspired to delays in continuing to make "I, Zombie", and ultimately release that and move on to bigger and better things.

First was a glitch that I couldn't figure out that was causing my copy of After Effects to crash every time I opened it. I couldn't do much without AE. I had already started a lot of post-production work for the movie, and was at the point of no return with it. A note about my workflow...I tend to do production and post-production at the same time. It may sound weird, but somehow filming and editing simultaneously works for me. So, even though I'm doing post work, I still have production to complete.

Then came the Moviestorm holiday movie contest where I made "'Tis Better to Give". I also had to do some upgrades to my site.

In December I quit the band I was in and formed a new one, which meant for the past 4 months I've been doing a lot with that...learning 50 new songs, both singing and guitar, web site design, sound and light system design and purchase, all that fun stuff. This really put a crimp on my ability to fix the other problems. I think a law should be passed to give us more time in a day!

Well, the band has shaped up pretty good. We are starting to look for bookings, and the web site is getting there. Although we'll always be adding songs and rehearsing, it won't be as hardcore as it was the last few months. This all means that I found myself having time to address the other issues.

First, the AE problem. It was actually two problems. First, AE didn't like a font I had downloaded for titling. Removing that font caused the program to start, and I could work with it...until I tried to render a preview. Then it would crash again. Somewhere along the way AE decided that it no longer liked the driver for my graphics card. No idea why, it had always worked before with no problems. The only thing I can figure is sometime during the night they had a lovers spat and decided to go their separate ways. Anyway, updating the drivers fixed the problem.

I just completed the updates to my site today. Some simple fixes, like adding a couple pages for the last movie I made, fixing a javascript bug that kept causing the page to jump when the link was clicked, changing the copyright dates on the bottom of the pages.

Bottom line is, other then some voice work I'm committed to, I suddenly find myself with time to actually finish that damn movie! lol

So off I go. Look for a silly zombie flick...coming soonish....