Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes you've just gotta....

Production of my latest eyesore is going rather splendidly, and I'm pretty much right on track for release at the end of August.

But sometimes, you just don't want to do it. Sometimes, you'd rather do other things. For the last few days I've been doing just that.

See, I've recently gotten Adobe After Effects, and spent several days watching tutorials on how to actually use the thing lol! It's a powerful tool, and I've been using it with this movie. I have to say, it is making a huge difference in how the movie looks, and I am able to add so many things that otherwise I would never been able to do.

So, after all that, I got so excited that I had to jump right into using it! As a result, I've practically stopped production to do post-production work on the footage I already have: titling, compositing, special effects, all that good eye candy!

Now that I think of it, maybe I'm not so on track for a late august release! I'm really only about halfway through the whole production bit....but I'm using Moviestorm, and production can go pretty quick with that (looks over at what he's doing with AE) so I don't think it will (tinkers with AE some more) be too much of a hassle.

Once this movie is done, though, I think this will be the most polished, "professional" movie I have ever made! Coupled with what I think is a killer script, I think you will greatly enjoy this flick!

....when it's done :)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Production Notes.

If you feel like humoring me, let me bore you with some babbling about production of the new movie so far I am working on.

First, this is my first true Moviestorm movie (I don't count Christmas, I don't really know why), and it is the first movie I've made that I actually (gasp) wrote a script for! The scary thing is, the script is really, really good! But now, that's just added pressure to make a movie that lives up to the script!

Production is going very smoothly so far! I have almost half of it made already (the easy half, of course), and I really am getting into how quickly and easily you can get down and dirty with Moviestorm.

BTW, the working title for the new movie is "Grummmm, Snort, MRAAAAHHHH!!!!!!" If I tell you why, it will spoil the fun, let alone the secret.

In another first, I am using "other people" to do voice work for this movie. I've always been adverse to doing so, worried that it would be too much of a hassle trying to get the performance I want out of someone who I didn't have ability to immediately communicate with, so I always just did it myself (i.e. I was a control freak perfectionist, a.k.a. a silly man).

But so far, so good! I've gotten some work from Ashley, who goes by the name AutumnRain on the net, and she got the voices to me on the same day! And they were pretty good to boot! When I contacted her with a new line I had just written into the script, she not only got them to me the same day, but gave me multiple takes to choose from! She took my direction very well, and each take was great, which made choosing one so much harder! So, if you need a female voice and you're over on Sims99, ask her to act for you!

I've also guilted my friend CrystalWitchery to give voice to a crucial part! I won't spoil it, but she is the star of the show, and I know she is really looking forward to being in the spotlight ;)

Also, my wife is going to do some VA as well, and I love it! She gets to do what is going to be a cameo role, and only fans of a certain video game will get the reference.

And of course, I'll be doing most of the rest of the voices because, well, I'm a silly man.