Monday, June 29, 2009

Upgrading...just about everything!

When I was finishing the new design of my website, I renewed my commitment to machinima, with the goal that I was always going to be at least currently working on a movie. No more sitting for several months until I got around to it. Let me tell you, I'm pretty damn excited about that!
As I sat and pondered this, I realized I really wanted to expand my avenues, put my movies out there more and participate in a bigger part of the machinima world, but more importantly I realized I wanted things all-around to be more professional, more recognizable. Not just my movies, but how they are done and how they are presented.

This meant several things, and one of them was to try to make all my "official" Dark Lord Productions accounts throughout the internet have as consistent as a look as possible.
I've been working on that, and if you look at my youtube and myspace accounts, as well as my Sims99 forum profile, you will see that they do share the same general look and feel.
The others, well, I'm still working on that, and in some cases it just can't be done....yet.
More importantly, though, is upgrading the tools I use to make the movies themselves.
First on the list is getting a new microphone for voicework. Currently I am using this cheap, skinny Logitech mic that is basically the most frustratingly agonizingly brutally bad microphone I have ever used. I've settled on a really nice, high-quality mic, and as soon as it comes in stock (and once the funds are appropriated) it shall be mine!

Oh yes, it shall!

Also on the plate in upgrading my editing software so I can export my movies in HD.
I also want to be able to distribute my movies as avi and mov files, rather then just the wmv fare. The trick is getting all the proper codecs that work with my editing software and give a reasonable file size. No luck so far.

Then after all of that, I hope to finish my home recording studio. Extra PC plus Sonar plus cool drum machine program plues a PodXT Live for my guitars equals recording original songs.....take that and add a nice Korg keyboard, and we're talking original movie scores!

But alas, that is quite a ways off! But at any rate, hopefully in the near future I will be releasing movies with better sounding vocal work, all in HD and 5.1 surround sound!

Oops! Did I mention the surround sound? Ignore that, it's a secret and part of a bigger plan ;)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A new movie is under way!

Now that the main part of my web site is done, it's time to start doing what all of this is all about...making movies.

Some of you may know that I have been working quite a bit with Moviestorm, and since I started using it I have come up with all sorts of ideas!
I'm just tired of making movies with Sims games. Let's face it, despite all of it's charms and how brilliantly it works for machinima, it is very time-consuming, and more often then not it's just an all-around pain in the butt.
Because of that, I never really could keep up with my ideas using the sims, since it would simply take too much time that I didn't have to spare. The same movie made with Moviestorm would take less then half the time.

So, long story short, it will be a very busy time for me, since for now it seems my sporadic moviemaking activity of the past is over! I look forward to being an active moviemaker again!

I am currently working on a new movie which will effectively count as a re-launch of my moviemaking "career"...details are under wraps right now, but I think the script is killer and the movie will be a lot of fun!

As production progresses, new information will be posted here and on the preview page of my web site....stay tuned!

Tentative release date will be in August 2009, so I better get cracking!

Enjoy :)

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