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     Welcome! Here at Dark Lord Theater we have many a treat for you! Are you in the mood for a movie? Why, you have come to the right place!
     We have several movies to choose from of many delights: comedy, romance, a bit of the scary stuff...there may even be some of other genres lurking about waiting to show their faces if you sit around long enough!
     So then, are you ready? Good! Grab some popcorn or other snack, something to drink perhaps, and choose one of the treats below!
     Oh! And as always, enjoy the show!

'Tis Better to Give

     This movie was created for Moviestorm's 2009 Holiday Movie Contest. Although it lost by a few votes (close but no cigar!) I feel I've managed to really show the power of Moviestorm's gesture and mood controls, and in the process made a movie with great emotional impact.
      This movie contains no dialogue. I've attempted to tell the story through gestures, music, and the expressions of the characters. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it!
     Story In Brief: Michelle is very naughty. After a big snow storm, she finds a snowman has mysteriously appeared in her yard, and before the holiday is done she learns a very important lesson.

Click image to watch "Tis Better to Give"


     The first movie ever released by Dark Lord Productions that was made with Moviestorm. This movie was made for Moviestorm's Holiday Greeting Contest that accompanied the release of their holiday pack.
     This movie was a rather quick one to make, and it was alot of fun to do, and a great learning experience for using the program. I hope you enjoy!
   Story In Brief: A young alien named Gronk, whose favorite hobby is intercepting and viewing transmissions from Earth, sees transmissions of Christmas movies and decides he wants to get into the holiday spirit.

Click image to watch "Christmas?"


     This was to be the first movie in a series that was planned to go on indefinitely. As fate would have it, this also ended up being the last movie I made with The Sims 2, so the project was put on hold. Eventually I may revisit it. Still, the movie works wonderfully on its own.
     Story in Brief: This is the story of Dalia, and how drastically her life changes when she becomes the obsession of a man named Lucian.

Click image to watch "Sanguine"

Love You To Death

     This movie was a purely artistic endeavor, and the one I was most proud of at the time I had made it. It is a definite departure from my previous work, as I tried to express myself more through imagery then with dialogue...in fact, there is no dialogue.
     Before you watch, be warned: Unlike my last movies, this is not a comedy! There is humor, of course, but I wanted to try and do something a bit more serious.
     Story In Brief: In the kingdom of Narnil, the 179th King's Tournament has just been won by the less-then-honorable Sir Darrin of Evinshire. The prize: the hand of the King's daughter, Princess Ariana, in marriage.
     However, when Princess Ariana learns of her destiny, she flees to the solitude of her chamber to lament....and fate intervenes.

Click image to watch "Love You To Death"

The Game Of Life 

     Dark Lord Productions' second release. Part voice-over, part music video with subtitles, "The Game of Life" is a humorous morality tale about choice and consequence. I hope you take something from watching it, but most of all I hope you enjoy it!
     Story In Brief: Norman Goodlife has it all; a beautiful family, a nice house, a steady job....but he wants more.
     When Norman discovers a way to get more out of life, he finds that sometimes what you want the most is what you need the least.

 Click image to watch "The Game Of Life"

Attack Of The Sims!

     The first movie ever released by Dark Lord Productions. This movie was made for the (now defunct) Sims99 website's First Anniversary Contest. It is the most appreciated of my films by sims2machinima directors, mainly because it speaks, in a humorous way, of the difficulties and frustrations with making your first Sims 2 movie.

     The movie ended up placing 3rd in the contest, but it's appeal, then and now, is still quite strong! I hope you enjoy watching it, and if you're a sims2machinima director, I'm sure you'll see a bit of yourself in poor Bob.
      Story In Brief: Bob is just a simple man who loves playing The Sims 2. When Bob learns he can make movies with his favorite game, he gets a lot more then he bargains for!

 Click image to watch "Attack Of The Sims!"

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