Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Moddingstorm's "Stupidly Easy Competition"

Really, how much easier of a competition can you get?
Moddingstorm is running a "Stupidly Easy Competition". Winner gets three free addon packs for Moviestorm from Moddingstorm!
So how stupidly easy is it? Simple.
All you have to do is visit Moddingstorm's facebook page and click like.
That's it.
Two weeks from today, a name will be chosen at random from the list of people who like the page, and the winner gets the three packs! You get extra chances to be drawn by promoting the competition on your own facebook page, blogs, site, etc.
You do need to prove you've done this by posting links in the competition's thread on the Moviestorm forums.
There is one disclaimer: The headgear bundle pack currently offered counts as two packs since its, well, a bundle!
If you haven't seen Moddingstorm's content yet, check it out. It's all top-quality! And if you aren't using Moviestorm yet, maybe this is a good time to start!
Check it out!
Oh...and while you're over on facebook, don't forget to "like" Dark Lord Productions if you haven't already ;)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Messiah Studio for $10-$40!

The software company pmG Worldwide is conducting a viral test marketing campaign by selling their award-winning animation/rendering engine Messiah Studio 5 for an incredibly low price.

There are two options for purchase, the first being a limited-feature basic edition for $10 (regularly priced at $499), and the full pro version for $40 ($1195 regular price).

The offer works as follows. The offer is set for a limited time. They have set a goal for the number of sales. You purchase the software as a pre-order. If the goal is met in within the time limit, you get the software. If the goal is not met on time, you get refunded your money.

The viral part is simple. In order to meet the goal as quickly as possible, you are encouraged to share this with as many people as possible.

Messiah Studio is a high-profile animation and rendering engine that has won several awards and even received an Academy Award nomination. It has been used for character animation and the creation of VFX shots in a number of feature films and shorts, including the following, such as the Harry Potter films, X-Men, Ghost Rider, Hellboy, Syriana, and Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. It has also been used in a number of television productions, including The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius, Robbie the Reindeer, Andy's Airplanes and the upcoming Plankton Invasion, as well as numerous commercials.

If you are interested in getting into some hardcore professional studio-quality animation, this is an incredible offer that is too good to pass up. At this price, it's worth getting even if you do nothing more then try to learn something from it.

You can participate in this campaign by going here:


There is plenty of information on their web site, but if you want to learn more you can read about them on wikipedia:


So go get it, and let everyone know!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Grey People

I'm happy to announce that I have been cast for the role of Special in the independent animated film "The Grey People", a sci-fi epic directed by D.L. Watson.
D.L. Watson is a talented and respected director who makes independent animated films (or machinima, depending on how you wish to view it) and live-action films.
For this movie, he will be using Moviestorm and iClone4 for the project, and after reading through only part of the script so far I think this is going to be an incredible movie. Having seen a test shot released a long time ago on the Moviestorm website, this movie looks to be visually stunning as well.
The film is tentatively scheduled to be released around June 2011. Once a date is set and announced I will share that with you here as well.
In the meantime, learn more about the project by visiting its Official Website.
You can also follow the film on Facebook. Don't forget to click "Like"!
Oh, and while you are on Facebook, don't forget to check out the Dark Lord Productions Facebook page....and click that "L" button while you're at it!
In other news, I am hard at work on a new movie myself! More details as the project progresses. Stay tuned!