Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chronicles of Humanity

In case you didn't know about this incredible series, "Chronicles of Humanity" is something you simply must see.
"Set in the year  2340, The Chronicles of Humanity follows
Katherine  McDonald,  A journalist and the  only person to
survive  the  destruction  of  a  mining  colony.

Convinced the  government is  behind the  disaster,  she
embarks  on a mission to uncover the  conspiracy."

The series is both visually stunning with an incredible story. It also boasts an impressive cast, including the well-known talents of Rick Grove and Ingrid Moon, and also Felicia Day.
Yes, that Felicia Day.

Check out the site and watch some episodes. I guarantee you will be impressed.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Upcoming new feature of Moviestorm unveiled.

Today at the Moviestorm Dev Blog, the fine folks there shared a video showing the results of playing around with the nearly-developed Terrain Editor. According to the Dev Blog:

"The user interface has now been decided for this feature and the functionality is around 90% complete so it's time to move onto the other areas of improvement. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates!"

On the forums, more information was given, such as*:

  • The default mountains are now editable with the new tools so you can keep them if you want or edit them to produce a new landscape.
  • (The staff) have been experimenting with a larger grid, and have plans to include it in the next version of Moviestorm. It's worth noting that nav meshes can be used in conjunction with the terrain to make navigable areas outside of the grid if you like.
  • Characters are still, unfortunately, restricted to navigating on flat surfaces. However, characters are able to traverse stairs with nav meshes, so you could place a nav mesh under the terrain to make it look like that character was climbing a hill.
  • The terrain editor can only be used on the existing terrain mesh (which is relatively large anyway.
  • The terrain tools include a raise brush, a lower brush and tools to flatten, smooth and paint textures.
  • The terrain will ultimately be saved in stock sets for use by directors and as an example of what is possible with the new editor.

Here is the video:

Looks exciting! This certainly will open up new doors in set design, and the ability to flatten the entire terrain mesh will be of great benefit to those who wish to create more complex sets (such as a cityscape). Stay tuned!

*I largely quoted Amos over at Moviestorm, which explains the better prose. Anyway, the tool is still in development, and all things mentioned may change.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where is Sigourney Weaver when you need her?

Writerly over at the Moviestorm forums is on a roll lately. I don't know if it's insane ambition and talent or one too many cups of coffee, but he's been releasing new mods for the program almost daily, and these are some excellent mods!

The latest is the Alien from the "Alien" movie franchise. The troublesome terror is rigged to the male puppet rig, which means you can use all the male animations with it (though some just don't look right because of the shape and size of the alien relative to his meal). It looks particularly impressive if you use it with the vampire jumping animation from the "Dark Romance" addon from Moviestorm and some of the action animations found on Moddingstorm.

You can download it here.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Gift

The latest short by Chat Noir Studios, "The Gift" is an excellent work (as expected from them), and also shows how effective Moviestorm is as a storytelling tool when in good hands.
Have a look!

The Gift from Chat Noir Studios on Vimeo.