Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Just not feeling it....

Not long ago I posted that, after working out some issues, I was finally able to resume production on "I, Zombie".

After working on it again I realized, unfortunately, that I'm not into the idea anymore. I still want to make the movie, but I'm just not feeling the inspiration. My muse is just looking at me and saying "fuggit"!

I don't know....maybe it's because of the frustration with things that have happened that made this movie such a pain. Maybe it's having other ideas that I really wanted to do but insisted on waiting until this one was done. Those ideas built and built, and now, trying to jump back into the zombie movie....not happening.

So, it's on hold indefinitely.

I've been working on some custom content for another idea that I had in mind, and once done I will work on that movie. It's tentatively titled "Why?" and it will be my first attempt at an "action movie". I've always been excited over the concept, and since making this decision I'm very eager to get rolling on it.

Once it's done, I'll try picking up the zombie movie again. Right now, experimenting with the anti-hero character archetype sounds like just what the doctor ordered.....

....or maybe the muse did. Whatever. Stay tuned!

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