Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flaws, Epic Fails, and Murphy's Law


I really thought I could do it. Finish a movie I was only halfway done with? No problem. Film a 3 minute short for Halloween on top of it? Piece of cake!


So here I sit with both movies still unfinished and egg on my face. Why?

Several reasons, actually. First is a small laundry list of personal flaws. I bite off more then I can chew. I put the cart before the horse sometimes. I don't plan for things going wrong. And...sometimes when I get really passionate about something I say things without really thinking about what I'm getting myself into...and this is clinically proven to create Epic Fails in laboratory mice!

So I think to myself "Things are going smooth, I should be able to wrap up 'I Zombie" in a couple weeks, and a week of intense work for the Halloween special should wrap things up rather nicely. I think to myself "I'm just going to post a blog announcing this stuff".

No problem. In a perfect world.

Then Murphy's Law takes effect. Yup, you can see this coming.

A scene I was working on, involving about 15 characters (most with guns), 6 police vehicles with flashing lights, all on a large set causes Moviestorm to crawl, and frequently crash (issue resolved with latest release thankfully).

My version of Adobe After Effects starts crashing for no apparent reason. I know I must have changed something in the settings, or maybe it's something else. The only thing I know for sure is I don't know what's causing it. So, some things I intend to do in the movie can't be done until I fix that.

The band I am in (I'm a singer/guitarist) is breaking up, and in October a couple of friends and I had an acoustic jam....and decided to form a new band. So now there is learning new songs, rehearsals, etc. This isn't something going wrong, because music is my original passion, but it does mean no time for movies.

All this happens at the same time, which makes October a huge bust! It's only in the last couple weeks that I can even turn my focus back to movies and blogs and all that great stuff.

You know, I really should have known better then make that announcement. Lessons are repeated until they are learned, and just in time for the new year I think I've learned a few.

1) One thing at a time.
2) Don't announce a movie until it's in Post-Production, or until it's done...either way, make sure it's firm that I can deliver.
3) Know when to keep that mouth shut.
4) Always plan for Mr. Murphy and his blasted law.

With all that said, I make it my New Year's Resolution to follow these lessons. I also resolve to actually complete I Zombie in 2010! And who knows...maybe I'll make other things too!

But don't quote me on it ;)

I hope you all have a wonderful new year...best wishes!

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