Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vol. 3 of 'Making Better Movies..." Released, and other Moviestorm News.

Moviestorm has released Volume 3 of their excellent "Making Better Movies With Moviestorm" e-book series, written by Matt Kelland.
If you missed my last blog post, this series is a great asset for all filmmakers that gives you exercises to find and improve your own style, without imposing any preconceived rules or attitudes.
Volume 3 concerns sound and lighting, and as usual the content is both revealing and instructive.
If you've been using these ebooks to improve your skills, then this volume is a worthy addition. If you haven't checked out this series yet, then I heartily recommend it. It's free and it's good. What more could you want?

Download Volumes 1 - 3

In other Moviestorm news, it was announced on the company's Dev Blog that they are aiming for an early December release of Moviestorm 1.5 , which is loaded with a great many new features and enhancements. Soon after the release, the much-anticipated Swordfighting pack will be released, along with a pack themed on Indian culture (as in India, not Native Americans).

More on these as they are released. Exciting!

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