Monday, September 14, 2009

Oops! I let out a secret on "The Ken and Roger Show!"

I'm sure someone out there read that title and read this blog just hoping to catch some dirty laundry lol
I did let out a secret that I've been keeping on the show, but before I get to that I just want to comment on the show itself.

First, I had a lot of fun! We talked for near an hour and a half, but it certainly didn't feel like it. Ken and Roger are very good at making you feel right at home, and not only do I give them kudos for being such good hosts, but I also have to say I've walked away from the experience not only happy with how it went, but with the solid impression that they are both genuinely good people!

Now, say that last sentence ten times without taking a breath!

Thank you again, Ken and Roger! It was a really good time :)

Now I suppose I should release that secret, but not yet.

See, I have to tell you about this site I went to after the interview. It's called TMU Theater and it is not only a great idea, but done in a very cool way.

TMU Theater is a site that streams video, machinima in particular, and has a chat room, but what sets it apart from similar sites like you would find on Justin.TV and the like is the atmosphere of the place.

It has the look and feel of a "real" theater, even to the extent that they show trivia on the movie screen with music in the background until the show starts, along with moviemaking tips and other relevant bits of information.

I won't tell you about the aesthetics of the site itself, since you'll see for yourself when you go there (you are going there, aren't you?), but it is obvious that the site's creators have gone through great pains to create a true movie viewing experience, and I think they've done so brilliantly!

While I was there I had the pleasure of seeing the premieres for two wonderful movies...first was "Complication" by Dulci and then "Fixin' To Go" by act3scene24. They are both excellent films, and I highly recommend you go and see them after you finish this blog post ;)

Now the secret, since I put it off long enough. After all it really isn't very polite of me to try your patience in such a way. Really! You came all this way to hear a secret, and here I am just babbling on and on and-

Oh. Right.

So the secret then.

As anyone who has followed this blog or visited my site recently may know, I've been working on a new project, and have posted teaser pics on my main site (missed them? See them here.), but I have been keeping details and the title all to myself.

Yeah, I'm greedy that way.

Anyway, during the show, Ken got me talking about the project and asked what the title was, and so I told him. He's a sly little devil, that one ;)

So there it is. The secret is out.

Ok, ok....for the benefit of those of you who missed the broadcast, I'll just leave you with this final teaser:

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crystalwitchery said...

looks like a very cool site, now all I need is about 16-24 more hours in a day ;)