Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sometimes you've just gotta....

Production of my latest eyesore is going rather splendidly, and I'm pretty much right on track for release at the end of August.

But sometimes, you just don't want to do it. Sometimes, you'd rather do other things. For the last few days I've been doing just that.

See, I've recently gotten Adobe After Effects, and spent several days watching tutorials on how to actually use the thing lol! It's a powerful tool, and I've been using it with this movie. I have to say, it is making a huge difference in how the movie looks, and I am able to add so many things that otherwise I would never been able to do.

So, after all that, I got so excited that I had to jump right into using it! As a result, I've practically stopped production to do post-production work on the footage I already have: titling, compositing, special effects, all that good eye candy!

Now that I think of it, maybe I'm not so on track for a late august release! I'm really only about halfway through the whole production bit....but I'm using Moviestorm, and production can go pretty quick with that (looks over at what he's doing with AE) so I don't think it will (tinkers with AE some more) be too much of a hassle.

Once this movie is done, though, I think this will be the most polished, "professional" movie I have ever made! Coupled with what I think is a killer script, I think you will greatly enjoy this flick!

....when it's done :)

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